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  • Hawaii Car Auctions (Hawai’i Auto Auctions)
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  • Polynesian Art and History
  • Hawaiian Coffee Auctions
  • Hawaiian Pearl Auctions

Let Hawaii Auctioneers be your guide to Auctions in Hawaii!  We love to assist customers with how to buy or how to sell at auctions in Hawaii.  Here on the Big Island, or on any other wonderful slice of sand, we believe in win, win, win solutions to wealth management and investment acquisition strategy.

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Our Hawaii Auctioneers help clients maximize return on Hawaii Auctions of investment real estate, Hawaii vacation real estate, private HI real estate property and personal property.

Our auction professionals and specialists from the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) assist attorneys and executors with maximizing returns in a timely manner.  Here you can relax and let the professionals handle the work.  Imagine yourself on the beach in a hammock while the details are sorted out by caring

Hawaii Auctioneers help families recover from the loss of loved ones when the time is right to sell an estate.  We help charities raise money by auction event planning, inventory assistance, and of course certified Charity Auctioneers.  Our Charity Auctioneers are Benefit Auction Specialists (BAS) from the National Auctioneer’s Association, the most recognized organization of Auctioneers in the world.

Additionally our auctioneers have graduated the Certified Auctioneers Institute, which is the highest level of learning available to Hawaii Auctioneers or auctioneers anywhere in the world.

Speaking of global auctioneers, our senior CAI Hawaii Auctioneer, Colonel Powers, also graduated from the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Denver, Colorado as both a certified bilingual auctioneer.  Mike started his career at Hawaii Auctioneers while living off of University behind Magoos (now closed but had the best pizza in the Pacific).

Our Hawaii Auctioneers honor our native families and newly arrived friends.  Our humble Hawaii Auction House is at your service for all your auction needs in the Pacific Islands.  Thank you again for choosing our Hawaii Auctioneers for your Hawaii Auctions.  Aloha and Mahalo!

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